What's Cookin' @ Special Collections?!

Dec 14

We’re Moving!

Sorry for the lack of a feature item today, but we have an excuse! For a number of reasons, Special Collections has decided to move our blog from Tumblr (we love you, Tumblr, but there’s more out there!) to WordPress, which will allow us to incorporate some new features. We’ve moved our old content over and you can now find us at http://whatscookinvt.wordpress.com. We’re updating any links on our website to reflect this change. If you have us bookmarked in your favorites or in an RSS feed, please be sure to update the link!

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the new platform, where we’ll return to our usual Wednesday posting next week! (This week, archivist/blogger Kira is trying to smooth out the transition and fix the hitches that came up along the way.) :)

P.S. We’ll leave this blog active until at least after the New Year, so you have time to follow us to our new location and so we have time to make sure we moved EVERYTHING over. 

Dec 12

Dear Nannie: The Civil War letters of Fincastle's Charles Figgatt and Ann Godwin -

A local news article on research using materials from Special Collections. This particular collection of items also includes two handwritten recipe and home remedy books! 

Dec 09

Food Trends: This Year and Next

A pair of brief articles from the Huffington Post Food this week share with us the hot (and somewhat surprising) food trends from 2011 and predictions on what will be hot in 2012. Check out these slide shows. It’s your chance to get ahead! :) Happy Eating! 

Dec 07


Dec 05

Escu-what? Oh, Esculent. Of course... -

Great blog posting by a follower of ours here at What’s Cookin’. Like us, Lee is both entertaining and informative! And a foodie!

Dec 02

Joan Green Donates to Syracuse University Library -

Also in the news, Syracuse University has just received a large donation of modern culinary books from a long-time collector. It’s nice to see more academic institutions helping document the history and role of food in our lives!

Virginia Culinary Thymes—Winter 2011!

There’s a new issue of the Virginia Culinary Thymes newsletter! The newsletter is a product of the Peacock Harper Culinary Friends group and includes research articles, items of news and note, fiction and poetry about food, and highlights of books and manuscripts from Special Collections. The Winter 2011 issue, under the auspices of new editor, is available free online via the Special Collections Culinary History website. Back issues are available on the site, too! Be sure it check out the new format!

Nov 30


Nov 28


Nov 23